The (F.E.E.D.) Project

(Fashion Empowerment & Economic Development)

Longman Contemporary Dictionary defines the word ‘FEED’ /fi:d/  as :

Part of a machine through which the machine is supplied with power.

The FEED Project was founded to provide skills-training in garment manufacturing through the consolidation of human, infrastructural and financial resources with the aim of increasing socio-economic development and empowerment of marginalized sectors of the workforce in Nigeria and across West Africa. 

In addition, the project will lay the foundation that begins the process of standardising the existing clothing sector in West Africa as well as realize the full potential of this sector and enable it make a considerable contribution to West African nations GDP.


Women in Nigeria have for years been marginalized to being seamstress’s and processing food which in terms of economic development only takes care of the woman’s immediate socio-economic needs, in addition the local food processing industry has not advanced enough to 50-56% output needed to make it an investable sector of the economy that generates substantial foreign revenue.


Like food, local clothing manufacturing which is rarely seen as an economic sector but rather a vocation; has yet to utilize its potential as a growth sector for Nigeria as well as providing socio-economic development for women.


The vision of The FEED project is set in the present and future of Nigeria’s economy and bridging the poverty gap through empowerment, skills training and socio-economic development of marginalized sectors of the work force (Youth & Women), thus creating diverse growth sectors and export revenue contributions to Nigeria’s GDP. 


The mission of The F.E.E.D Project is to provide as well as upgrade the skills of the home-grown clothing sector to a level where products manufactured can compete and be sold on an international market.


This provides empowerment for women, socio-economic

development for marginalized sectors of the workforce and diverse revenue streams for the Nigerian economy.

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